What is the Hub?

The State of Tennessee is investing in our children’s future by focusing on coding being taught in all of our k-12 schools across the state.

Every school. Every classroom. Every child.

With this exciting investment comes some very real hurdles.

How do we prepare our teachers to be ready to implement these new Computer Science Standards in Fall of 2019?

In our education system — the way we have taught our children coding in the past has been haphazard or nonexistent for many of our classrooms. The majority of teachers do not have a background in coding and making good choices on curriculum, resources, and technology can be overwhelming for them.

TNcodeHUB will provide a platform to encourage our teachers:


by building a supportive and collaborative network with the other educators in their learning community,

powerby empowering high school students, they can make a positive impact on a younger generation thru mentoring – and help a teacher,


by providing the highest-quality instruction to meet each learning community’s needs,


by creating a system to share and search valuable coding resources,


and as we grow with confidence and build relationships with our business community, our students will flourish.

The new Computer Science Standards were created to enhance the current classroom curriculum and should be focused on for the whole school year, every year. With each coding success and failure, confidence and ability to apply computer science concepts for each teacher will grow.

Through TNcodeHUB’s support for teachers — learning, sharing, testing and applying coding skills can lead to valuable learning experiences for each student in the learning community. Together we can build a successful system for teaching coding that meets the unique needs of our children in Tennessee.


CO.LAB (The Company Lab) is a nonprofit startup accelerator that supports entrepreneurial growth in southeast Tennessee, working with the Public Education Foundation to sponsor the Teacherpreneur Event. They help companies ranging from street-corner mom and pop shops to tech startups scaling into major markets.



The Public Education Foundation believes there’s nothing more important to our community’s future than strengthening our public schools. They are an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization that for over twenty‐five years, has provided training, research and resources to teachers, principals and schools in Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

PEF Teacherpreneur