My Proposal for Teacherpreneur

My idea is to create an path for every student feeding into Soddy Daisy High School to have exposure to coding every day! (This process could be replicated for any other high school community in Tennessee.) Working hand in hand with our “feeder” elementary/middle school teachers and administrators, TNcodeHUB can be a resources that leads students to consistently build upon their coding knowledge, verses haphazardly jumping through the abundance of online resources. Basically, creating a proven program of study for Computer Science for our K to 12 community.  

This learning community would leverage the high school student’s knowledge in coding to help guide and mentor the elementary/middle school teachers and students. Empowering the high school students, along with building their confidence, collaboration skills, team building skills and public speaking skills.

To start building our TNcodeHUB learning community, the high school Computer Science students will use their coding knowledge to lead teacher trainings or classroom activities by organizing and supporting an “Hour of Code” event for our learning community, or even by providing a “Girls in Tech” or “Coding Boot Camp” during the summer.  

The end goal would be to give every student feeding into Soddy Daisy High School the opportunity to experience coding concepts daily and learning the valuable entry level skills associated with it in an effort for them to pursue advanced level coding classes while in high school.

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