TNcodeHUB Launches in October

Teacherpreneur’s fifth annual Pitch Night will kick off Startup Week Chattanooga on Sunday, October 21 from 4-6pm!

TNcodeHUB was chosen to pitch to our community!

As our friends at the Teachers Guild say, “Teachers are the innovators education has been waiting for!” The Teacherpreneur Incubator offers teachers support, time and space to incubate big ideas and grow them into sustainable, scalable projects, programs and businesses. A partnership between PEF and HCDE, with the generous support of the Benwood Foundation. Teacherpreneur brings together educators, entrepreneurs, experts and community members to develop and grow ideas with impact far beyond four classroom walls.

Teacherpreneur is an event unlike any other – cheer on these fantastic educators as they take the stage!

Sponsored by Public Education Foundation of Chattanooga

Hour of Code

We’re doing it!

TNcodeHUB’s first event is to partnership with Soddy Daisy High School’s Trojan Institute of Media and Entreprenuership (T.I.M.E.) students and teachers. After looking at coding options for SDHS students and their community, it was apparent that before we could empower SDHS students to encourage others to code, the students really needed to experience coding themselves!

TNcodeHUB is co-sponsoring and organizing an Hour of Code event for the T.I.M.E. students on December 5th. We have been busy reaching out to the community for assistance and have been overwhelmed with all the support and excitement for this event.

During the Hour of Code, 65 students will be coding using the App Lab activities at  But it won’t end there!

TNcodeHub was able to extend this event until Friday, December 7th by providing an App Challenge for the students in an effort for them to continue building coding skills, leading to a challenge for the the top 5 innovative Apps to win a Raspberry Pi!

We were inspired by Natalie Hampton’s story and wanted to incorporate it into SDHS’s Hour of Code. And what better way then to let the students have the time to build their own APP that might solve a problem that impacts them or their community! Learn more about Natalie and the Sit With Us App.

Junior high school wasn’t kind to 16-year-old Natalie Hampton. Lunchtime was often the hardest part of her school day. So the Sherman Oaks teen decided to fight back: not with her fists, but with her phone. Entrepreneurship at it’s best!

What are some problems you see in your personal life, community, or the world?

Why Coding is Important

Advancing Computational Thinking

Thanks to the successes of campaigns like the Hour of Code and this week’s Computer Science Education Week, educators, policymakers, and families around the country are realizing the value of coding and computer science in K-12 education. But how do “code,” “computer science,” and, “computational thinking,” fit together?

Digital Promise read more.

Digging deeper into the subject.

Computers, smartphones, smart systems, and other technologies are woven into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. As computational technology advances, it is imperative that we educate young people and working adults to thrive in a computational world. In this context, the essential question for American education is: In a computational world, what is important to know and know how to do?

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My Proposal for Teacherpreneur

My idea is to create an path for every student feeding into Soddy Daisy High School to have exposure to coding every day! (This process could be replicated for any other high school community in Tennessee.) Working hand in hand with our “feeder” elementary/middle school teachers and administrators, TNcodeHUB can be a resources that leads students to consistently build upon their coding knowledge, verses haphazardly jumping through the abundance of online resources. Basically, creating a proven program of study for Computer Science for our K to 12 community.  

This learning community would leverage the high school student’s knowledge in coding to help guide and mentor the elementary/middle school teachers and students. Empowering the high school students, along with building their confidence, collaboration skills, team building skills and public speaking skills.

To start building our TNcodeHUB learning community, the high school Computer Science students will use their coding knowledge to lead teacher trainings or classroom activities by organizing and supporting an “Hour of Code” event for our learning community, or even by providing a “Girls in Tech” or “Coding Boot Camp” during the summer.  

The end goal would be to give every student feeding into Soddy Daisy High School the opportunity to experience coding concepts daily and learning the valuable entry level skills associated with it in an effort for them to pursue advanced level coding classes while in high school.