Hour of Code

We’re doing it!

TNcodeHUB’s first event is to partnership with Soddy Daisy High School’s Trojan Institute of Media and Entreprenuership (T.I.M.E.) students and teachers. After looking at coding options for SDHS students and their community, it was apparent that before we could empower SDHS students to encourage others to code, the students really needed to experience coding themselves!

TNcodeHUB is co-sponsoring and organizing an Hour of Code event for the T.I.M.E. students on December 5th. We have been busy reaching out to the community for assistance and have been overwhelmed with all the support and excitement for this event.

During the Hour of Code, 65 students will be coding using the App Lab activities at Code.org.  But it won’t end there!

TNcodeHub was able to extend this event until Friday, December 7th by providing an App Challenge for the students in an effort for them to continue building coding skills, leading to a challenge for the the top 5 innovative Apps to win a Raspberry Pi!

We were inspired by Natalie Hampton’s story and wanted to incorporate it into SDHS’s Hour of Code. And what better way then to let the students have the time to build their own APP that might solve a problem that impacts them or their community! Learn more about Natalie and the Sit With Us App.

Junior high school wasn’t kind to 16-year-old Natalie Hampton. Lunchtime was often the hardest part of her school day. So the Sherman Oaks teen decided to fight back: not with her fists, but with her phone. Entrepreneurship at it’s best!

What are some problems you see in your personal life, community, or the world?