Professional Development


Another part of the solution focuses on investing in our teachers by providing relevant professional development focusing on collaborating with their learning community, developing techniques in teaching technology and exploring relevant resources in the effort to build confidence in their understanding of the Computer Science Standards. is a space where teachers can receive training, collaborate with their learning community and work as a team to solve the problem of teaching coding in their classroom. By breaking down their community resources, using their collective knowledge, and building a path of study that will work with the students in their community, we have an opportunity to build a future for our students using skills that will be relevant to whatever path they choose after high school.

But this solutions requires TNcodeHUB to invest in our teachers.


Possible Teacher Trainings Schedule:

  • November 17, 2018 – EdTech Virtual Summit – We are challenging you to think about what you can do to create enthusiasm for learning in the classroom, across the curriculum, and throughout the school year.
  • December 3-9, 2018 – Hour of Code activities sponsored by the high school CS students to launch the new learning community and help the teachers at the elementary school with coding.  What will you create?
  • Early Spring 2019 – k-8 training provided by a qualified high school level trainer to tie the elementary/middle school curriculum to the high school level coding classes in an effort to show the k-8 teachers the connections to coding at each level and how the coding skills build upon each other. (SDHS Learning Community)
  • Late Spring 2019 – Google CS First training (All Hamilton County Department of Education teachers).
  • Summer 2019 – Apple Everyone Can Code training using iPads and CodeX.
  • Other training needs recommended by the Learning Communities goals. Determine possible “Train the Trainers” needs for various coding products and resources.
  • Continuously looking to industry leaders and subject matter experts for trends and relevant resources that can be shared with the Learning Community thru webinars or workshops.
  • Attending professional conferences to determine new resources or products to teach coding based on the Computer Science State Standards. This might include educational conferences like ISTE and ACTE, along with industry coding conferences like Visual Studio Live or Girls in Tech.


High School Mentor k-5 Enrichment Activities

  • Providing Coding Bootcamp or Jr. Girls in Tech Workshops during the summer months to enhance the student’s coding skills they learned during the school year.
  • Business partners tours of real-world uses of coding in various industries and exploration of Innovation District’s resources related to coding for students.
  • Summer enrichment activities organized and taught by high school students for elementary aged students.
  • Minimal costs for student participation in enrichment activities in an effort to include all students regardless of income or transportation needs.


Learn more about TNcodeHUB’s plan for:

building a learning community,

empowering students,

evaluating coding resources,

and build relationships with the business community