Another part of the solution involves harnessing technology properly, it has the ability to engage and enrich teaching coding skills in our learning community.

  • How should schools invest in using coding technology?
  • How will each teacher implement coding skills in the classroom?
  • How can using coding skills improve the student’s learning?
  • How can implementing a coding activity make a learning experience even better for the students?

These are tough questions.

Working together as a Learning Community, deciding which coding resources will need to be research, tested and aligned with CS State Standards. The following list is just the beginning point for the code-phobic teachers or a deeper dive for the code-addict teachers in an effort to help their learning community develop a successful path of learning, to assess which coding resources will make their students prepared for the future.

Distribution Method


Coding Resources 3rd Party Resources

Algebra and Computer Science – Bootstrap

Promotion of Coding

Counselor, Women in Tech 


That’s when it dawn on me, that in life, and in education we cannot use technology because of what it does, but because of what we can do with it.  ~Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabb

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