If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. ~Henry Ford

Where are we starting?


Number 1 and 2 will involve implementing the Computer Science Standards in the Fall of 2019. Number 4 and 8 have already been implemented in the State of TN. The complete report on Tennessee’s progress was completed by

Year One: Our First Learning Community

Focus on establishing and building a SDHS Learning Community reaching across school levels (ES > MS > HS).


Work together in our rural learning community, provide training to test, share and evaluate coding lessons and technology that is relevant to our students.

Build a proven plan that has been developed and tested by teachers, including high school students to provide mentoring to new coders that align with TN Computer Science State Standards.


Create a cost analysis plan for options on purchasing equipment, software and online coding resources.  Providing budgeting options for various school needs, including an option for schools to earn sustainability funds through high school led training for younger coders. For example, mentoring elementary students and teachers during the Hour of Code.

Year Two: How Many Learning Communities can we build in Hamilton County?

Continue to learn from SDHS Learning Community and include involving more HCDE schools to create a total of 17 unique Learning Communities.

Continuously updating TNcodeHUB plans to meet state standards.

Sustainability items for TNcodeHUB.

Consult or provide training to other schools in TN facing the same problem of how to implement computer science standards. Provide cost analysis for various school budgets.

Initiate a “Train the Trainers” program.

Build a distribution platform for TNcodeHUB resources.


Almost 2/3 of TN schools are rural, towns or a suburban in population.  In TN we have over 1,800 schools in 141 school districts.  How many learning communities can we create?

The Future: Building Code HUBS for more states!

Consult and train other states. The Computer Science State Standards for TN correlate to standards recommended by ISTE, which other states have adopted as well, the TNcodeHUB plan could be easily adjusted to meet other state’s training needs.

Sustainability items for TNcodeHUB.

Expand program to others states and create a ___codeHUB for them, like GAcodeHUB, NVcodeHUB, and TXcodeHUB. Providing access to a collective database of tested and proven resources.